Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Crow's Day.

Fresh from his egg, a crow looked out
his world to re-arrange it.
As he matured, he looked again,
and saw no need to change it.

"Why don't you care to leave your mark?"
The owl called out in passing.
"You'll have to hurry, if you dare,
Life is not everlasting!"

The crow, now grown, surveyed the scene,
and found it to his pleasure.
His life was yet, had always been,
an everlasting leisure.

"Care not", he crowed, should this day pass:
"it's long enough to live in".
The owl sped by and dwindled fast,
enamored with the living.

The crow surveyed his perfect tree,
surveyed his perfect pond.
Surveyed his perfect sky above,
and knew that he belonged.

"No need to change a thing", cried he.
"No need to re-arrange it!"
As many changes came to be,
And crows need not explain it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am a crow

I am the one you never saw coming.
I am the one you thought I could not be.
I am the one who may die for your honor.
I am the one who may almost kill me.

I am the one who sees things that you never knew.
I can live nine of my lives to your one.
I am the one who has nothing yet everything.
I am the one who can fight, fly or run.

I am the one who became once as nothing.
I am the one who in nothing, was all.
I am the one who will never lie to you.
I am the one who has no fear to fall.

I am one of those who fly with the black crows.
I am the mountain the sky and the earth.
I am the one who knows nothing that he knows.
I am one whose value is far beyond worth.

I am the one who speaks softly to water.
I am the one who raccoons know and love.
I am the parent, the son, and the daughter.
I am the black crow that circles above.

I am the one who is friends with mosquitoes.
I am the one who is calm in the storm.
I am at one with the wasps and the shadows.
I am the one who is there in the dawn.

I am the bird who is one with the seasons.
I am the eye of the cyclone at sea.
I am the rain, and the wind, and their reasons.
I am the calm in the end, finally.

I am a bird who can say all of these things.
I am all these things a bird could not be.
I am a crow who is nothing, and all things.
Knowing I am all these things, I am free.