Monday, October 24, 2011

Crows and Wasps.

There is a crow, who feeds the wasps, 
they don't eat much, it is no loss. 
And when they're full, before they go, 
they come and tell it:  "zzzZank-you, crow!" 

There was a cat, who chased the crow, 
the cat would pounce, the crow would go.  
With beak held high, legs hanging down, 
"Are you a cat, or are you clown?" 

"No clown am I," replied the cat. 
"You're lucky that I am so fat. 
And that I mean you no real harm. 
I only chase you, to alarm". 

At this idea, the crow first scoffed. 
Then tried it out, and chased his wasps. 
Who much enjoyed this game, you know, 
and buzzed off, giggling: "zzzZank-you, crow!"